MA Contemporary Art Practice

My MA provided a wider examination of the possibiliteis presented in the difference between what we listen to and what we hear. Examining the the possibilities of this dialgue as both the encounter and the experience. 2018-2020

Conversational Snippets

This is one of twelve monoprints created to examine the interupted nature of the space created in the encounter in conversational dialogue.

This was a far reaching project with many iterations and presentations of the phenomenom made over the three year commitment.

I enjoyed each new avenue of enquiry and took great pleasure in the academic research opportunitites alongside expanding not only my idea of my own practice but also my understanding of the complexitites inherent in context based practices.

2018 – Exploring the idea that conversation works within a specific space

2019 – The Third Man’s Unreliable Narrator – looking more closely at the disruption in the concept that ‘What You Listen To May Not Be What You Hear’.

2020 – Conversational Snippets: Over this final year I considered how the act of conversation is more than the words that you speak of hear – it becomes both the experience and, at the same time, an embodied experience because each party is integral to the act.

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